Storm proof your home before Spring rains

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Start at the top

While a bottom-up approach can be best for many things when storm-proofing your home it is best to start at the topmost part of your house. Check the roof and make sure that you repair any missing tiles, and fix any leaks in your ceiling, no matter how small they might seem.

When a storm hits, a small leak can quickly turn into a big problem because when rain is able to get through a roof, water can quickly build up and leak through any holes or weaknesses in your ceiling. Damp spots and leaks in a ceiling can expand quickly and sometimes might even result in entire chunks of the ceiling collapsing due to a build up of either water or rot.

Repairing a roof costs significantly less than replacing an entire roof after a catastrophic event which could also cause damage to the interior of your home.

Maintain your gutters

A big part of being prepared for rains is to ensure that your home’s gutters are cleared and clean and properly connected to the downspouts which in turn are properly directed to adequate drainage facilities.

Incorrectly maintained gutters can lead to a water buildup which will damage the structure of your home as water can seep into the walls and foundation causing more than just cosmetic damage to your home.

While cleaning debris out of gutters might seem like a chore, it is nothing compared to the clean-up which will be needed if the guttering on your home collapses due to being clogged.

Maintenance saves money

When we decide to skimp on basic home maintenance it can be a costly mistake, especially if by cutting costs you neglect your home.

Repair exterior and interior parts of your home as soon as you notice they need repairs. This not only will prevent costly repairs later after a storm, but will also make claiming from insurance in the case of bad storm damage far more likely to be successful.

Many insurance companies will not pay for storm damage if they find evidence that the house had not be properly maintained.

Prevention is better than cure

Making sure that your garden is properly maintained can prevent damage to your home caused by falling debris.

Remove old and rotting branches of trees, especially any that are close to your home. Rather than protecting your home, they can be unstable and a tree which falls over during a violent storm can cause a lot of damage to the home and its inhabitants.

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