St James School

St James School for girls and Boys is a private, fee paying Primary School catering for children from Grade 1 to Grade 7.  We are a member of ISASA and are situated in Greyville, Durban.


St James is affiliated with the School of Philosophy and we offer our pupils a spiritual, non-denominational education, focusing on producing responsible children who will grow up to become caring adults and serve their community wholeheartedly.  Much emphasis is placed on self-discipline and high academic standards are maintained through the use of fine materials which nourish the needs of the child.


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Apart from the normal CAPS subjects, we also offer Music, Visual Arts, Drama, Sanskrit, Thinking Through Philosophy and Thinking Through Science Weekly, which are done by specialist teachers. Swimming and sport are taught by a professional coaching academy.  This ensures that our pupils receive a holistic education which caters for a variety of interests and that the children are well balanced,  We also have a state of the art Science Lab.


St James is a small school, which means that on joining you become part of the St James Family.  In this nurturing environment children flourish.