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Get your winter ducks in a row

Winter is coming. In fact, it’s here, and with the cooler season comes less time spent in the swimming pool. If you haven’t already started thinking about preparing your pool for the winter, now is probably a good time to begin.

Pool experts in regions where it gets very cold speak about ’closing’ a pool for winter.

Mark and Brad Justham of Justham Pools advices: ” While that might not be the case as much here in Durban, taking proper measures to prepare your pool for the cooler months when it will see less regular, or little to no use, can save a lot of time and money when the warmer weather starts in Spring. If you are thinking of updating your pool or resurfacing the edges or walls of the pool, the winter months when the pool will not be in use is the perfect time to drain the pool and have the necessary work done.

“Obviously, if you have a heated or indoor pool, you will be planning to enjoy it all year round, but even these pools can benefit from the same sort of extra seasonal care than other pools require at this time of the year.”

Some of the “heavy lifting” to get your pool into tip top condition can include simple tasks like collecting leaves and debris, brushing the sides of the pool and maintaining the chemistry. All these things are even more important when a pool is going to be covered or left unused for long periods of time.

Important to backwash

Continue to backwash from time to time to prevent a build up of dirt in the sands of your filter and dissolved solids which might still be in the pool water even after cleaning. Brad Justham advises a backwash and rinse of the pool weekly or bi-weekly.

Count the savings

Save on electricity and set your pool timer to run for a shorter period than you do each day in summer when the pool is in use, but avoid the temptation to switch off your pool completely as that will undo all the hard work you have done in preparing your pool for the winter closure. Stagnant water will inevitably mean algae. Consider the chores of checking on the pool, even during the months when it is not in use, as a saving opportunity. Keeping a watchful eye on your pool over the winter can save you time and money in the long run.

“Neglecting or leaving your pool for too long means recovery or restoration when you want to use is is prolonged and most costly,” said Brad. “Winter is low maintenance, not no maintenance,” added Mark.