Little Noddy

Welcome to Little Noddy Pre-School!

ANYONE driving past Little Noddy can’t help but noticed the colourful mural on the front of the building which offers insight into the focus of fun and play that is the ethos of this school which opened its doors in 1976 and celebrates 40 years of offering a home away from home to children from three months until they are old enough to enter “big school”.

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Principle, Lisa Pearson is passionate about the importance of play in children’s lives and ensures children in her staff’s care get plenty of time for play.“Play is so important. There needs to be a balance between structure and free play,” she explains. The school serves two hot meals daily as well as two snacks, offers a range of extra mural activities from outside sources, and is open during most school holidays.

There are special areas for each age group, with air conditioning for comfort and 32 CCTV cameras in all areas. There is also a large play area with astro turf and a variety of play equipment for every type of activity. Indoor play is also catered for as well as more cerebral pursuits with the puzzle and book lending library in-house. Little Noddy’s focus is on building each child’s individual confidence, instilling an excitement for learning and social interaction leading them to a future happy relationship with school life.


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