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Start your morning sunny side up with a breakfast nook

BREAKFAST, it is said, is the most important meal of the day.

Sometimes the only real reason for not enjoying time with your family or housemates before heading out the door for the day is simply the lack of a space specifically set aside for that purpose.

Breakfast nooks are the perfect way to make the most of the extra space in or near your kitchen area and provide a casual alternative to eating meals in a dining room, but allow the opportunity to still sit together to eat rather than each person sitting and eating off their lap while watching TV, or grabbing a bite on the run.

Window seats

A window seat with a small kitchen table next to it is a great small breakfast nook and the perfect way to start the day with sunshine providing the light to give you a boost as you drink your orange juice.

Little details

Even if you just have a simple table and chair set up in a space set aside in your kitchen, you can use details to tie the look of the breakfast nook together.

Think of using colours or a theme to build a cohesive design element to your eating space which can be echoed in your crockery.


If you have the space for it, a booth is a great way to create a breakfast nook. This approach is often used by fast food restaurants to provide comfortable seating around a table, and while it doesn’t have the versatility of a table with chairs or benches that can be moved as and when you feel like making a change, it makes up for that with charm and nostalgia.

Consider creating your own booth type of set up with benches that are also providers of hidden storage under the seating.

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