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Create a trendsetting living room

We are already midway through 2017, and often this is a time when people start to think about redecorating their homes now that the beginning of the year is overand the year-end rush is yet to start.

Some interesting trends in lounges have started to stand out and are worth considering if you are thinking of redecorating your living room.

Recliners are still a rather big deal and many lounge suites now also include recliner seating rather than just the stand alone recliners which have enjoyed popularity from as early as the 1980s.

Leading furniture manufacturer, La-Z-Boy, have almost become synonymous with the type of reclining seating which nowadays is found everywhere, from homes and hospitals to luxury movie theatres.

Claire Gibson of La-Z-Boy offered us her trend forecasts to help people revamp their lounges on trend.

“The latest living room trends are chic, inspiring and, most importantly, livable and practical – and they are comparatively easy to achieve. They are particularly exciting to me, as I believe that unlike many décor trends of the past, the majority of them will also offer great longevity of style,” said Claire.

Marvellous metallics

The design world is seriously in love with all things metallic at the moment, explained Claire: “Metallics go a long way to adding a sense of heavy glamour and industrial weight to any space they grace. Look for brushed, satin or matte finishes to add extra visual texture. Aged copper, brass, gold or stainless steel can be used to great effect in the living room to take the décor to another new level of chic – but only touches of it. The trick is to include noticeable metallic accents and not being too heavy-handed here. La-Z-Boy has been cognisant of this trend, and has added metal features and accents into its furniture designs – offering the perfect means of adding the glamour of metal into your décor composition.”


Organic inspirations remain a big driver when it comes to décor – a trend that has remained popular over the years, and seems to gain momentum annually, noted Claire: “As a society, we have never been more in touch and in tune with the world around us and our love affair with nature seems to be growing exponentially. A fact that is clearly evident in how we like to decorate our homes. Not only are we including lots of natural materials in our décor, such as leather, wood, stone and metals, but the trendy colour palettes also reflect those inherent in Mother Nature. Earth tones remain a key design trend – adding warmth, depth and comfort to our indoor spaces. Shades of browns, greens, greys, and off-whites have never been more popular. Accents in brighter natural hues such as sky blues, grass greens and coral reds are used widely to create pops of brightness juxtaposed against the more relaxing, muted natural tones mentioned prior.

Less is more

Minimalism has always been trendy, but the ethical ethos underlying this kind of décor is making it a trend that keeps growing with websites and even TV shows dedicated to paring down lifestyle to the basics in an effort to live more sparsely, but with a different edge which is more than just cutting out the clutter.