Colour of the Year 2017

PANTONE Color Institute has announced its colour palette for the new year which showcases a spring fresh Greenery paired and the rich and regal amethyst hue, Shadow selected by Benjamin Moore.


Pundits have used a variety of words to describe the Pantone 15-0343 colour. From “zingy, life-affirming” to a “zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring”.

Reactions have been wide. While few expressed surprise to see a bright and powerful colour after the pastel tones of last year’s colours, some expressed reservations about how “acidic” and potentially unflattering to some skin tones the colour might be, especially in the fashion world. While some designers have been quick to offer suggestions about how to use the colour to bring a touch of the outdoors inside homes and use it to provide a much-needed lift in living spaces, there has also been a fair amount of advice about how it should not be used.

The general feeling seems to be that it isn’t a colour one would want to paint all four walls of any room, but that as an accent colour alongside neutrals it would work very well. Along with the each paint manufacturer’s versions of the colour itself, there are palettes of shades which paint manufacturers have suggested as the perfect accompaniment to 2017’s colour.

Some suggestions of how to incorporate this trending colour into your home is by way of soft furnishings. While a green couch might be a little overpowering for you, scatter cushions, throws, curtains and rugs incorporating this colour can bring an element of the shade into any room, especially a neutral one with dark furniture and white walls. If you want to use the colour to paint, consider picking up skirting boards or painting a section of wall as a contrast to a generally neutral palette.

Almost as a contrast to the shiny newness of Greenery, Shadow (2117-30) calls to mind the past. While the shade might be vivid it is surprisingly versatile when used as a neutral. While it is dramatic it carries an air of opulence, intimacy, and calls to mind a tranquil past era, especially when paired with ivories, greys, and metallic decor items.

It brings to mind the old-world feel of a den or study, or a library in a stately home.Some designers have said it is the perfect solution for those seeking a retreat after all the hustle and bustle of 2016.

Ellen O’Neill, creative director of Benjamin Moore, a world leader in paint colours explains the company’s choice. “Shadow is a master of ambiance,” she says, “It is a colour that calls to mind a past , yet can also make a contemporary, colour confident statement.”

The company described the colour as a “rich deep amethyst” at their annual announcement event where they announced not only the colour of the year but also coordinating palettes which they predicted would rule interior style for the year.

While mixing two colours of the year in one room might seem like a bold step, the people who love to mix things up on social media have done just that. There are more than just a few boards on Pinterest dedicated to examples of how one might want to use both Greenery and Shadow and variations on their accompanying palette to create a room or space right on trend for 2017.

Check out this link for some ideas:
While you might not want to go that far, it is worth noting that even in nature these two colours occur together as green shoots and leaves accompanying the deeper hues of amethyst flowers. Colour is all about expression. When both these colours show each other off so dramatically they do leave a lot of opportunity for creativity. If you incorporate larger elements of the one consider smaller items in the contrasting hue to add interest. With the brightness of Greenery some design elements in the more grounding and calming Shadow can serve to balance the decor of a room. While a room in darker hues might also benefit from some greening with the incorporation of elements of Greenery, even if it is in the form of a vase floral arrangement or potted plant.


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