One-way proposal for Hunt Road

Nicole Graham stands in Hunt Road, where the municipality is proposing to extend the one-way system to help resolve issues of traffic congestion.

THE public will be invited to participate in a discussion regarding the extension of the Stephen Dlamini (Essenwood) and Musgrave one-way road system.

According to ward 33 councillor, Nicole Graham, the decision to extend the system into Hunt Road was followed up by the Economic Development Unit after businesses in the area proposed the extension.

“The Glenwood Village Market shopping centre is looking to expand, and it will be necessary to have a one-way system in Hunt Road to address delivery and traffic issues,” she said.

The extension will be one-way from Musgrave Road into Hunt Road, north to south, with Lena Ahrens taking the opposite flow of traffic.

“The benefit of this one-way extension will be dual, as it will benefit economic development and will improve the flow of traffic in Hunt Road, which is currently a disaster,” she said.

Graham said there would be public participation before anything goes ahead.

“The plan was passed at last month’s council meeting, and the public participation process will get underway within the next two months, where residents can give their input,” she said.

The controversial re-routing in Musgrave was implemented in February 2005, to address the traffic flow on Stephen Dlamini and Musgrave Roads.

EThekwini Transport Authority (ETA) tasked engineers to investigate the impact of the one-way system on traffic flow, following serious concerns from motorists, residents and business people in the area. The engineers felt the one-way routing of Stephen Dlamini (Essenwood) and Musgrave Roads should be retained, after a survey in the area was conducted to assess the viability of the system.

At the time, residents felt the one-way system was a good idea, although some residents did feel it should be extended to as far as Hunt Road because of the bottle neck which formed with two lanes moving into a single lane in the road.

Lauren Walford

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