UPDATE: Musgrave bomb scare a sick hoax

Calm has returned to Musgrave Park offices after patients and staff had to evacuate the building due to a hoax bomb scare.

TWO hours after being forced to evacuate, normality returned to Musgrave Park, the building which homes dozens of medical practitioners. The building, known as the Musgrave Medical Centre, had to be evacuated after a bomb scare earlier this afternoon.

Christine James, chair of the Body Corporate at Musgrave Park, said the “unacceptable” incident appears to have been a hoax. Two doctors rooms received a call that there was a bomb in the building. Police arrived and were very efficient, we were evacuated and waited about an hour for the bomb squad and sniffer dogs to arrive. Once they arrived the two dogs and bomb squad investigators found nothing in the building.”

James said the bomb scare was a “very frustrating waste of time and money for all concerned.”

James said investigators mentioned that similar incidents had occurred at a few buildings recently. “Since they found nothing we assume it was someone with a sick sense of humour that caused this unnecessary incident. After going through it, we do recommend that all buildings have a bomb evacuation plan in case of an emergency which is different from a fire evacuation plan and orderly retreat,” she said.

Lorna Charles

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