Musgrave Mosque comes under scrutiny

RESIDENTS are invited to a community meeting to hear more about the construction of a mosque in St Thomas’ Road, Musgrave.

The meeting has been organised by ward councillors Jethro Lefevre and Martin Meyer, and will take place on Thursday 31 March at St Thomas’ Church hall at 7pm.

“There has been much controversy around the building of this mosque and we invite the public to hear from the members of the board of trustees and architects, who will present the plans to the community to waylay their fears,” said Councillor Lefevre.

He said there had been a number of issues brought to his attention by residents, including the problem of increased traffic in the road.

“The board and architects have gone out of their way to minimise the impact on the community. There will be no calls to prayer and plenty of parking inside the property. The community must realise the demographics in the area have changed. There are many churches as well as a synagogue in the area, and as a councillor I represent everyone in my ward,” he said.

“I urge the community to attend the meeting and find out more,” he said.

Lauren Walford

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