WATCH: Morningside complex hit by “professional syndicate”

Robbers make easy work of getting out of the secured Morningside complex after robbing a pensioner yesterday.

A MORNINGSIDE pensioner has become the latest victim in a spate of robberies that has plagued the suburb.

Fortunately for the 76-year-old woman, she was not at home when two suspects ransacked her home and made off with her flat screen YV, digital camera, Samsung tablet and jewellery.

Chasse Lapin Blanc , a resident at the Adrian Road complex believes a house robbery syndicate is targeting the area because there has been a spike in the number of house-breakings in Morningside recently.

In our complex alone this is the third since December. It is sad to see. The woman was okay at first and then it hit her because everything was thrown around inside her flat, he said.

Lapin Blanc said his flat was the first to be burgled early in December. “I think they are very selective and professional,” he said, “they stole my mum’s wedding ring, other jewellery, our laptop and two iPads from our home. After the first two robberies we reassessed our security. We were pretty secure with our access controlled gate which is supposed to prevent anyone from coming into the complex without a disc. We have since had security cameras installed so managed to get footage of the robbers,” he said.

The footage shows the men entering the complex using a small flat house-breaking device. “Whatever device they had it was specific for our security gate because they seemed to break the gate’s magnetic security mechanism and they used a coin as well. After ransacking the woman’s flat they were panicked because they were trapped inside with the goods but a third suspect came from outside to help them get out,” he said.

The getaway car which they drove off in looked like a Black Toyota Yaris.

Lorna Charles

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