Student begged for help minutes before dying

Traumatised family of the student gathered at the scene where he died.

A 22-year-old UKZN student who died after a smash and grab incident on Monday morning, allegedly begged for help when he drove his red Golf into an Engen garage on North Ridge Road.

According to Collen Mzobe, an attendant at the garage, the student, *Shrivaar Panday, was a well known customer at the garage who lived a short distance away. “He drove in very fast and spoke loudly which was unusual so I knew something was wrong,” said the visibly shaking attendant.

“He shouted, “Collen come, please help me.” When I got to him he asked me to call an ambulance because someone had stabbed him. I ran inside to phone an ambulance and another lady there also tried. When I came back to him I opened the door and I saw all the blood and he said I must tie his leg because he was bleeding too much,” he said.

The traumatised petrol attendant said he got the first aid kit from the office and managed to tie the leg. He said he knew where the youngster lived and rushed off to get his parents.

“Nobody was there so I spoke to the security and a neighbour and told them to inform the family. The ambulance still hadn’t arrived by the time Collen’s got back to the petrol station. He was devastated to learn that Shivaar had unfortunately succumbed to his injuries.

“Its very sad. He was a good guy. We used to go to the same gym. I am traumatised and can’t believe it, I’m still shaking and can’t work.”

Members of Shrivaar Panday’s family arrived at the garage but were too traumatised to speak to Berea Mail.

Panday was a final year BComm student who was on his way to write a test at university said one of his cousins.

Mayville police are investigating the murder.

Another student murdered in Durban

*A previous version of this article had incorrectly named the victim as Shivaar. We’ve since been alerted of this fact and have corrected it accordingly. We sincerely apologise for the error.

Lorna Charles

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