Heritage day inspired films worth watching

Heritage day will once again allow South Africans from all walks of life to celebrate their culture and diversity as well as beliefs and traditions. From traditional dressing, braais and food to drinks, South Africans on this special day which is also dubbed braai day will take time to celebrate cultural diversity. When it comes to films and entertainment, you can watch some heritage inspired films as you celebrate all things heritage.

Shaka Zulu

Shaka Zulu is a historical Zulu king and one of Africa’s best military strategists and warriors who existed during the 19th century. His vision was to bring about peace by uniting the tribes. Shaka Zulu film provides a rare glimpse into the history of the Zulu people.

Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good Hope is a comedy drama film which is about how people in South Africa previously divided by race and class connect, in this case, by chance. This film is a real depiction of race relations and how far the country has come in this regard.

The Harvesters

The Harvesters is a a psychological drama which presents a new generation of Afrikaans youths coming of age in contemporary South Africa. This film explores numerous and complex facets of masculinity in South African culture.

Noem My Skollie

This film relates to current affairs and narrates an ongoing challenge for most “coloured” communities, which is filled with gangsterism, imprisonment and crime. It tells another tale of overcoming challenges through artistry and creativity.

Fiela se Kind

Fiela se Kind is a drama film about a coloured woman living in the arid Karoo who takes in a lost white child and raises him as her own. Nine years later, the boy is removed by authorities and forced to live in the Knysna Forest with a family of woodcutters who claim that he is theirs.

The list of films listed above should be worth adding on your list of heritage day entertainment.


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