The (k) word that never disappears – Yet another racist video emerges on social media

In the latest racist video to emerge on social media platforms, Kessie Nair uses the detested “k-word” twice when referring to President Cyril Ramaphosa. Nair claims to be the CEO and founder of Navcare – the “National Association Toward Violence, Crime and Abuse”.

In the self-recorded video, Nair calls for President Ramaphosa, “that [k-word] State President… yes I mean the [k-word] State President Cyril Ramaphosa, to be charged for defrauding this nation, for oppressing this nation, for high treason”.

Nair further claims that Ramaphosa is the source of, “all crime, violence, poor health care, poverty that prevails in a so-called true democracy”. To add more insult to injury, however, his statement asserts that the president is making a “mockery” of the sacrifices made by Nelson Mandela.

With a touch of melodramatic flair, he then adds: “I am prepared to go to prison for the rest of my life, or take a bullet.” Without any sense of irony, Nair concludes, “you are now promoting apartheid”.

Adam Catzavelos and Vicki Momberg (File image: The Citizen)

Presidential spokesperson, Khusela Diko, responded quickly, noting that:

This gentleman is clearly a sick person and his racist rant is not deserving of any airtime. His tirade against the President demonstrates delusional and attention seeking behaviour. We have no doubt that his views do not represent the majority of South Africans working hard to build unity and shared prosperity in this country. We urge his family and friends to give him the support he clearly needs.

It has been reported that a case of crimen injuria has been laid against Nair by community activist and former eThekweni councillor, Brandon Pillay. Pillay has said that he will also be approaching the South African Human Rights Commission.

At this point, South Africans are exasperated by the litany of racist videos that, it undoubtedly seems, are ever present in a society already plagued by division and tension.

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