Bringing back law and order

LAW and order must be restored demand councillors Chris Pappas and Hassan Haniff as they work with Metro Police to resolve a number of issues and problem areas currently identified.

These issues include taxis outside Musgrave and Atrium Malls, traffic and parking violations on Brickfield and Sparks Roads, problem buildings, either abandoned buildings or those with suspected illegal operations, scholar transport vehicles in public spaces, religious institutions and businesses that do not respect parking requirements and bylaws, illegal dumping and illegal informal traders.

“One of our biggest challenges are the collectors of cardboard and other forms of recyclables. They leave a terrible mess and destroy infrastructure. There is no law that we can currently use to deal with this effectively but we are working with DSW enforcement to come up with a permanent solution. Until then DSW and Metro Police will do clean ups and raids on hotspot areas,” said Pappas.

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Compounding the problem, is the severe lack of Metro Police resources with only three vehicles and 10 shift members working in an area with more than 160 000 people. Their duties also include scholar patrol as well as the numerous violent strikes. “This is concerning and needs to be addressed,” said Pappas urging residents to obey the law and report all crime.

Furthermore, Metro Police does not currently have a heavy towing contract in place which means they cannot tow buses, trucks or remove containers, added Haniff. “However we have through constant pressure and engagement made a plan to get a temporary measure in place and we should soon see action in this regard.”


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