Close call for motorist

MOTORISTS are urged to approach the intersection of King Dinuzulu (Berea) and Botanic Gardens Roads with caution.

Jackie Botha was in her vehicle waiting for the robot to change so she could cross over to Bulwer Road when four men surrounded her vehicle.

“They seemed to have alighted from a stationary taxi. One lifted his fist intending to smash the window but seeing his partner open the back door which was unlocked, the other two moved to the other rear door and my front door. They opened them screaming for any belongings and ordering us to get out, threatening to shoot us,” said Botha.

Knowing her passengers were all seated and safely belted in, Botha made the split decision to take a chance to get away. “I saw a gap on the right hand side and while the doors were still open and the guys were still leaning in the car, I swerved to the right of the back of the taxi in front of me, which remained stationary even when the robot changed to green and sped off, my doors closing in the swerve.”

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Botha’s quick thinking and daring escape ensured she and her passengers got away with all their belongings and unharmed.

“I learned afterwards that this is a notorious hotspot for this kind of incident. There seem to be organised gangs of thieves and hijackers waiting for opportunities to either rob or steal your car,” she said.

Botha did not open a case at the police station. She explained that she had got a look at the gunman’s face and the face of his accomplice who had leaned across her, but had not noticed any outstanding features that would be helpful to police.

“Strangely at no time was I afraid. I don’t ever park too close to the vehicle in front of me, just in case I need to get away, which I did thankfully. I just want to warn drivers to be alert or to avoid the intersection at any cost,” she said.


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