Lorin makes magic at JOMBA!

LOCAL dancer and choreographer, Lorin Sookool who has a reputation for her iconic pop art, street funk and contemporary dance confluence, presents The Moon and Her Bloom, which explores the relationship between the sexual and the sacred, at JOMBA! @ DAG on Friday night.

Lorin is a passionate dancer who fell in love with ballet at the age of five.

“I was at school at Gordon Road Girls when one day I noticed all the little girls dressed in pink going into the hall to do ballet. I was a real tomboy, but I went to see what they were doing and the teacher asked if I wanted to join in. I fell in love! As an only child I was always using my imagination and this was right up my alley. When my mom came to fetch me, I told her I wanted to do ballet. I always say dance found me, and it stayed forever,” she said.

Soon after, Lorin took up modern, hip hop and tap dancing and while it was always a hobby she eventually decided that she wanted to further her studies in dance.
“I couldn’t see my life without dance as a focus. I studied at the UCT School of Dance for four years and went to the UK for a few months to do classes and auditions. It really opened my mind to what dance could offer,” she said.

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Lorin moved back to Durban and worked at the Playhouse for two years before she was given thee opportunity to work with The Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative in rural Mpumalanga.

“The company focuses heavily on integration and community development. I worked with people with mental and physical disabilities which really expanded my range of skills. I have a humanitarian spirit and love to help people so this was wonderful,” she said.

Although this was only a year fixed contract, she still does work with the company and will be performing with them in Germany next year. She also performed at the National Arts Festival in June with The Forgotten Angle.

Lorin Sookool with her ‘spirit animal’ a flamingo. She said this creature represents who she is.

“It’s been a busy year trying to find my feet. One of the projects is my performance for JOMBA! which I will perform with my co-choregrapher Sandile Mkhize. I am looking forward to performing at the gallery as I am interested in performing in spaces which are different to theatres,” she said, adding the influence behind her work was the fact that sex was either taboo or forbidden, or perverted and exploited to sell things.

“Society doesn’t have a healthy relationship with it. I feel it is a spiritual act, as humans we are more than just skin and bone. It is depicted in a beautiful way in the performance, we make magic.”

The duo are supported by local musicians Red Robyn and music producer Sean Ross, aka Missu.

For Lorin, art and life cannot be separated.

“Art is the flame and I am the moth. In my spare time I am always reading things and looking for different things to watch. I enjoy painting and writing and would like to pick up playing an instrument. I also enjoy binge watching series and having a friend over to chat and drink red wine! In summer you will find me on the beach, tanning, reading and swimming,” she said.

Don’t miss the performance at the Durban Art Gallery on Friday at 6.30pm. Entrance is free.



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