Meyer calls for investigation into fraud

AN investigation has been called into allegations of fraud related to the reinstatement of a wall at Westgate Gardens council flats in Morningside.

According to ward 27 councillor, Martin Meyer, the issue has been handed over to the public accounts committee or Impact, for investigation. Meyer said he had been informed that the wall, which had collapsed during the flash floods in July 2016, had been fixed, but this was not the case.

“We reported in Berea Mail last August that a year had passed and the wall had still not been fixed, posing a serious danger to residents. In October I was told by an official that the insurance had been paid out and the wall had been reinstated, however it has not. After I received this email, I visited the site, took a photo and sent it as proof that this had not been done,” said Meyer.

Meyer has now handed the matter over for investigation, as the money which had been paid out to complete the job has disappeared.

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“The question is where has the money gone? I can’t understand how no one followed up after the wall had apparently been fixed to ensure the work had been completed. The City has a caretaker on site, he would know nothing had been done,” said Meyer.

Of equal concern, he said, was that the rainy season was looming and the wall still posed a danger to residents.

“I am worried that this wall and sand could wash further down the bank, and come tumbling down on top of a person or a child. There are loose concrete blocks and bricks underneath the sand and I am worried that these will be dislodged,” he said.



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