Recovered mamba returns to the wild

A BLACK Mamba which was attacked by two dogs in Wheeler Road, Mayville in April, was released into Roosfontein Reserve last week after spending the past few months recovering from its injuries.

The snake was retrieved from the house in Mayville by Nick Evans of KZN Amphibean and Reptile Conservation. Its tail had been bitten repeatedly by the resident’s pitbull cross, which unfortunately died after the snake retaliated out of fear.

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The mamba was taken to Carl Schloms at uShaka’s Dangerous Creatures exhibit who nursed it back to health.

“Fortunately, none of the wounds were life-threatening, however, there was a concern about infection. Carl cleaned the wounds out with warm water and antiseptic fluid, and applied disinfectant powder to the wounds,” he said.

The snake spent time recovering in a tank in Nick’s lounge before it was released on Thursday once it was deemed fit and healthy.

The snake was eager to get back into the outdoors and made its way quickly into the long grass at the reserve.


Evans said it was important for residents to note that Black Mambas do not attack dogs. “When a dog sees a big snake like a mamba in the yard, instincts kick in and it attacks the ‘intruder’. The snake will try to escape, but if it can’t and is left with no choice, it will bite in self-defence in a desperate attempt to save its life. Biting is a last resort. It’s not the dog or the snake’s fault, it’s just sad that it does happen now and then,” he said.

For snake removals, the public can contact Nick on 072 809 5806. For snake educational work and queries, email

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