Give a child a brighter future

EDITOR – To our fellow citizens in Glenwood and the greater Durban area.

The children in our community face a crisis of malnutrition, but the crisis is solvable through smart social business. Tens of thousands of children within our community are at risk of not fulfilling their potential simply because they lack food and nutritional security. A malnourished child is 10 times as likely to die from an easily preventable or treatable disease as a well-nourished child, who completes nearly five more grades in school, and goes on to earn 21 per cent more in wages and are more likely to have healthier families of their own. But this can be changed, through a simple solution.

Over the past year, Glenwood citizens have been rethinking the food supply with smart, local, social business. Over 150 citizens have chosen an easy way to source their produce, and in doing so help local children in need. They have subscribed to FreshBox (, and had a customised box of produce delivered knowing their purchase also donated another box to a local child in need.

If everyone in our community simply changed their buying habits, we could feed tens of thousands of our neighbours’ children. That is a big problem solved, with a really simple solution.

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Malnutritional is not an issue unique to Glenwood. It is rife throughout Durban, South Africa and our globalised world. I do not need to share Durban’s statistics – we all know our city. South Africa as a whole has 10 million children who lack access to nutritious food, and globally, nearly two billion people suffer from malnutrition.

This is not just a pitch to help children. It’s a pitch to make the future brighter for everyone. Two weeks ago, my partner and I suffered an armed break-in. An experience many of South Africans have suffered. Once the red died down, we accepted this break in was largely because we live in a society where people are poor and desperate. If the people who committed the crime felt more secure in their lives and their children’s futures, then our community would be a safer and more cohesive place for everyone. I am not claiming that giving every child the right to nutrition would solve our crime problem, but it would certainly improve the lives of everyone in Glenwood, not just the children we can feed.

If our community can prove that smart, social business can give every local child the right to nutrition, then, Durban, South Africa and the world will follow.

Benjamin Constable
CEO of FreshBox



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