From hopelessness to hope

EDITOR – With the inauguration of President Cyril Ramaphosa as our newly elected President of the Republic of South Africa, there has been a sense of easiness among the people on the ground. There seems to be a wind of hope blowing over our beloved country.

This advent causes the ordinary among to marvel at the times in which we live – a time that will be long remembered as the one of renewed hope. It’s historical in the sense that this turn of events in the political arena of SA will be studied and written about by historians. Ramaphosa is being viewed by all and sundry as the messiah. The question will be “remembered for what”? and that needs interrogation.

We live in a time when access to cellphones with built in cameras and the internet platforms and ways to reach audiences outside of the normal infrastructure are more possible for all South Africans than ever before. There is a fresh air circulating, powering a new perspective. New digital platforms have expanded for everyone where ordinary people share opinions via What’s App for free. These moments of visibility are vital as we encounter an era of certainty, unity and moral and ethical leadership – there’s no Bell Pottingers to distort perceptions with fake news and soon there will be no ANN7 to aid and abet this narrative.

What gives me hope in these tenuous times is the knowledge that there is a precedent for hope and as South Africans have witnessed in 1994 hope has bred change. We have learnt through this very historic moment in 1994 that to be hopeless is to disregard the cyclic theory and the philosophy of history.

What positive thinking South Africans must know is that the present moment will be the past soon and that the future is what we as a very tolerant and forgiving nation will make of that future.

It would be in my opinion a future where your voices will be heard, through the digital platforms and your dreams realized. Let us ordinary South African give the “messiah” a decent chance to play his role in our renaissance. Let us not be negative in this period of hope as the positive fresh air that is circulating has and can only bode well for our beloved country South Africa.




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