A week of changes brings positivity

EDITOR – A few months ago we must admit to being very despondent about South Africa. We were a leaderless, corrupt country being looted by criminals. To add insult to injury we watched the Esidimeni Life hearings that seemed to indicate that we as South Africans, were guilty of treating vulnerable, mentally ill people as sub-human. Reference was made in that hearing of the treatment being, effectively akin to torture. The comparison was made to Nazi Germany where people were forced into death camps. The Nazis also viewed mentally ill people as sub-human, to be disposed off without any feeling or compassion.

But, within a week, we have a new president and people are once again feeling positive. Forget all the promises of politicians, we are not that naïve, but one thing we are sure off is that Constitution of this country will be restored to its rightful place. That in itself protects our human rights, and if we all pay homage to that document, then we can forge a successful caring country.

I think it was Benjamin Franklin that said, “Out of adversity comes opportunity.”

Last week we heard the terrible news of the fire at the Edith Benson Children’s Home. Thankfully no children perished in this devastating fire although some, I believe were injured. The call went out for assistance. A list of urgent needs – accommodation, blankets, food, nappies, and the list went on. Some of the children are mere infants.

This tragedy gave the people of Durban the opportunity to show what true South Africans are made of. We are a diverse nation but cutting through that diversity is a common human decency. People of all races, all religions, from all walks of life rallied to assist. From the amazing organisation, Gift of the Givers to the business owners of the Overport Shell garage (which became a collection point) to ordinary people who worked through the night, to those that contributed, many of whom are themselves needy. It just made one proud to be a member of this diverse community. Congratulations to all of you. Take a bow. When the call went out, you responded by saying, Send me!

Kevin Dunkley

Cheryl Johnson

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