Keep it simple this Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentines-eve. You heard right. It’s a thing!

It’s the day before Valentines, and you’ve just realised that you have less than 24 hours to pull the perfect Valentines rabbit out of a hat! Your special someone has announced that it’s your turn to up-the-ante on the annual day of love. He or she put on a spectacular performance last year with gifts and experiences, and now it’s your go. Don’t freak out!!

As with everything in life – the simpler your idea is, the better it’s likely to be. Acronym’s like KISS (keep it simple silly) weren’t invented for nothing! Remove all notions of big, expensive displays from your mind. Delete the number of the sky-writer and Gorilla-gram and focus on good old, old-fashioned romance.

Here are a few tips:

  1. The way to your loved one’s heart isn’t expensive gifts or loaded compliments. It’s food. Focus your Valentine’s Day activity on catering of some sort. Whether it’s a picnic or a non-crowded restaurant – choose wisely.
  2. Don’t be fooled by thinking your partner expects an expensive gift. Most of our better halves would prefer something from the heart. Something that means something. Think tickets to see their favourite artist perform, a DVD of the movie that played when you met, or a flower-laden pot-plant to adorn their coffee table.
  3. Some believe that Valentine’s Day is the perfect platform to produce strange ‘aids’ like chocolate body paint and edible items of clothing. The answer is no. Just no.
  4. Instead of point 3, opt for fragrant experiences like a bubble bath, or a relaxing massage.
  5. Keep it authentic. The cheesier the experience, the less enjoyable it’ll be for both of you. Spoil him or her, but don’t go overboard with the soppy stuff!
Wanda Daly

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