Officials fail to respond to pleas to remove piles of rubbish

Councillor Mmabatho Tembe said the open dustbins at Kenneth Gardens was a health hazard.

THE ongoing issue of waste removal at Kenneth Gardens council housing estate in Umbilo has become a growing concern for ward councillor, Mmabatho Tembe, who believes the city’s Housing department needs to take more responsibility for its council flats.

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Tembe said more needed to be done to remove the rubbish which piles up and spills over the bins which is not only unsightly, but also a health risk hazard.

Residents and Tambe had met with officials from the Housing Department some months ago and requested a better solution regarding the removal of waste from Kenneth Gardens, but not action had been taken to address their appeals.

“This is an ongoing problem. We have had no joy, months after our meeting. The open rubbish bins are awful! There are many areas in Kenneth Gardens where the rubbish piles up and isn’t removed. I feel it is a health hazard, especially with children living in flats nearby,” she said.

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Tembe said illegal dumping at Kenneth Gardens was also still an issue and residents needed to take it upon themselves not to dump on the grounds.

“This continues to be a problem at Kenneth Gardens, and residents need to be educated not to do this,” she said.

Lauren Walford

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