Ndebele heritage showcased at Phansi exhibition

Ndebele art on display at the Phansi goes Phezulu Gallery.

PHANSI goes Phezulu Gallery invites the public to the opening of the exhibition Postmodern Ndebele, on Saturday, 16 September.

The exhibition illustrates how Ndebele art exploded into greatest postmodern art and architecture of Southern Africa. Ordinary, everyday people become sculptors, huts become palaces, beaded paintings becomes the expression of individuality. The exhibition will be opened by Prof Franco Frescura, and closes on Saturday, 30 September.

It is believed that wall decorating among the Ndebele began with the construction of their simple adobe huts. The wet plaster created opportunities to mould, to incise and engrave the surfaces. Geometric patterns were filled in and reinforced with lines, speckles and different shades of earth and at times pebbles. The outlines defined the geometry. Although much of this process was to beautify, it was also an annual ritual that dealt with maintenance issues and a background to ancient rituals and celebrations.

When one carefully scrutinises this exhibition it is evident that the Ndebele are the most obvious example in the world of art and architecture.

Contact the Director, Sharon Crampton at 031 206 2889 or [email protected]

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