UIP proposal may have dire consequences

EDITOR – It’s September, and once again as in previous years, the consideration of introducing a SRA (UIP) in our area rears its ugly head. I note in your Berea Mail edition 24 August that a meeting is planned for 7 September. Amazing how this always raises its ugly head this time of the year.

I thought this was once again an attempt to get a UIP established in our residential area. However, on further investigation it appears that this a proposed business UIP for businesses in the vicinity only. Only 51 per cent of businesses need to accept and again, the rest are tied in whether they can afford it or not.

I stand to be corrected but I think there will be different contributions caused by the rateable property value. So, for example, a double storey property will pay more than a single storey building, even though their street frontages might be identical. It might be more fair if contributions were based on land value alone.

Remember this is a business to the management company who are going to do this. At this meeting I hope they have figures to show Florida Road UIP costs, as that is similar to what will be happening here. It is only fair that businesses know what they can expect.

This is a catch 22 situation. I agree that this area does need a cleaner, safer environment, but introducing this could be at the small businessman’s expense. It is ghastly to think of someone who opened a small business and being forced to do something he may want but knows, cannot afford. I know we need to consider a way to save the area from becoming a slum, because if respectable businesses move out then the landlords sit with property that is not making them money and they’ll rent to anyone without little regard for anything else but their pockets, but the same thing could happen, the businesses may not be able to afford the UIP costs and close, then we’ll be back where we started.

How are you going to ensure the UIP management team do not have exorbitant costs passed on to our businesses.

Lorraine Fouquereaux



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Lorraine Fouquereaux

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