City flaunts signage policy

Signs have been put up too soon, says a resident.

EDITOR – For the sixth year in succession, Durban Business Fair posters and banners, now jointly with Essence Festival, have been illegally put up.

This flaunting of the City Signage Policy by one of its own is unfair on those who dutifully go through the motions to get those little stickers for the posters.

Once done, they put them up and remove them timeously (14 days before and three days after), at the correct height, etc.

Unfair too is the fact that City Enforcement structures consistently fail to prosecute offenders – giving various excuses for not.

I have asked the municipality to kindly have the DBF/EF posters and banners removed till 15 September – 14 days before the event.


North Beach

Lauren Walford

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