Police find headless corpse in Cato Manor

POLICE believe they may have located the body of the man whose head was discovered in a backpack at the corner of Cross and Short Streets in Durban on Friday.

According to police spokesman, Lt Colonel Thulane Zwane, the body of a headless man was found in Cato Manor. He said the man who was found in possession of the human head in his bag in Durban, was willing to co-operate with police and a second suspect was arrested. Both suspects appeared in court on Tuesday.

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“We believe that the recovery of the body that had no head in Cato Manor is the same person who was killed and the head was removed. We are still investigating the matter; we believe the two cases are related.” said Zwane.

The 24-year-old suspect was found with the head stashed in a backpack on the corner of Cross and Short Street in the city. Initial reports revealed that the suspect tried to flee when police arrived, but he was apprehended by the parking lot security guard. A black backpack was found with the head concealed inside two plastic packets. A sangoma, who was believed to have been approached to buy the head, has since been released from police custody.

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