Speed humps make school crossing safer

Crossing guard at Open Air School, Robert Dlamini, principal Noel Moodley and head girl, Mbali Dube, are pleased with the erection of speed humps outside the school in Esther Roberts Road.

THE principal of Open Air School extended his grateful thanks to the city and surrounding community for making the erection of speed humps outside the school in Esther Roberts Road a reality.

The call for speed calming in the road was highlighted in Berea Mail in September 2016, motivated by resident Colin Parker and principal Noel Moodley who were concerned about the safety of learners at the school. Speed humps for this section of Esther Roberts Road were approved in January, and the work went ahead in April this year.

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“The speed humps have made a significant difference in slowing down traffic passing the school as well as creating awareness that there is a school for learners with disabilities on the road. Generally, the whole atmosphere in the mornings is safer than prior to the erection of the speed humps,” said Moodley.

Moodley said the school was very grateful to the residents who were concerned for the safety of the learners, as well as to the municipality and workers who all contributed to this project.

“There is always so much negativity in our country and its times like these where we need to celebrate the good things that happen. This has really added to the community and it is now important to say thank you,” he said.

Moodley said the parents of the learners had also commented on the difference the speed humps have made, and has made the life of Robert Dlamini, who has been the crossing guard at the school for the past 36 years, much easier.

“It’s poignant that at the latter part of his career, speed humps have been erected to leave behind for those crossing guards to come in the future,” he said.

A parent of two children at Penzance Primary School, Frances Bilro, said has been concerned about speedsters and motorists who have no concern for traffic rules and children.

“At the intersection of Penzance and Bartle Roads there have been many occasions at the stop sign where drivers do not stop, causing accidents. There are speed bumps in Penzance Road and I would like to appeal to the municipality to install speed bumps on Bartle Road on either side of the stop sign. I have spoken to Penzance Primary about this and have been informed that they have been trying for years to sort out the problem with no success. Something needs to be done regarding this dangerous situation that our children have to endure on a daily basis,” he said.

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Moodley said he would appreciate it if the city could assist the neighbouring school, Glenwood High, in erecting speed humps on ZK Mathews (Nicolson) Road as well as outside Penzance Primary School in Bartle Road, as these schools faced a similar challenge.

“The safety of our learners is something we can never compromise on,” said Moodley.

Lauren Walford

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