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THE YouCanDoScience online curriculum-based physical science programme for Grades 11 and 12 has been launched, and includes videos, notes, tests, memoranda and personal progress reports in Afrikaans and English.

With more than 30 years’ teaching experience in physical science in various schools, the author, Linda Marais, never had a single learner who failed the subject, while many of her matric learners passed matric physical science with a distinction.

The programme targets individuals who require additional assistance to pass the subject, or to work for a distinction. Teachers can also apply it as an additional teaching medium in the classroom. It is ideal for home schooling. Learners using this online programme will even be able to pass physical science without the assistance of a qualified teacher.

Homework and tests are marked online and the educator or parent receives progress reports to monitor the learner’s progress. As the marks improve, the learners will gain confidence in Physical Science as well as in themselves.

Registered users have unlimited access to the programme and can revisit a specific lesson at any time and as many times as it takes to fully understand the lesson.

Vouchers are available for individuals or companies who undertake to sponsor a learner or a school. The affordable programme can be implemented in schools in communities where companies wish to invest money and controlled expertise.

For more information, contact Linda Marais on 083 280 3782 or [email protected]

Lauren Walford

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