Vagrants removed in raid on Berea Station railway line

METRO Police together with SAPS and other law enforcement agencies, removed vagrants who had invaded Berea Station railway line in a raid on Tuesday, 11 July.

According to a media statement released by eThekwini Municipality, the operation was undertaken in an effort to maintain law and order in the and ensure by-law compliance. During the operations, Metro Police prioritise high “crime and grime” areas including decaying central city areas where petty crime and vagrancy is prevalent.

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More than 30 vagrants who had taken occupation of the railway line were successfully removed. The area was then cleared of all objects that posed a danger to trains and commuters. Metro Police Spokesperson, Acting Senior Superintendent, Sibonelo Mchunu, said the raid was part of the officers’ ongoing law enforcement operations.

“We are committed to ensure that the City remains clean, safe and conducive for all citizens to enjoy. Living next to the railway line poses serious danger for both the vagrants, infrastructure and train commuters. That is why we had to act fast and remove the vagrants from the site.” He added that metro police would monitor the area and prevent any future invasion. 

The law enforcement operation, which begin in the early hours and continued throughout the day were in response to calls by residents for more Metro Police presence and by-law enforcement. Some of these include noise complaints, complaints about vagrants loitering and sleeping outside places of business as well as people urinating in public. The enforcements were intensified following the implementation of the Nuisances and Behaviour in Public Places By-law last year.

Wanda Daly

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