Tree Tops says no to cub petting

Dressed up as big cats on the day are Tree Tops girls, Zivah Mahomed, Ava-Lynne Bezuidenhout, Aaradhya Luckan and Chloe Venter.

TREE Tops commemorated World Environment Day on Friday 9 June to raise awareness of the horrors of the cub petting industry.

The children bought badges promoting the awareness of not petting cubs and dressed in wild cat outfits, wore masks or face paint on the day, and a group of Eco Warriors at the junior primary picketed outside the Windmill Road Campus to help bring awareness to the public.

Almost without exception, facilities which offer cub petting as an ‘attraction’ have acquired their animals by removing them from their mothers soon after birth. Once they grow too big, and consequently too dangerous, they are sold to third parties who then trade them on to canned hunting businesses. Ultimately, these adorable little cubs end up as ‘trophies’ for hunters.

All proceeds raised by the school will go to the Captured in Africa Foundation, a registered non-profit organisation which protects, relocates and rescues big cats, especially from exploitive captive situations.

VIDEO: The Eco Warriors picketed outside the Windmill Road Campus on Friday to create awareness in the community.

Lauren Walford

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