7 tweets to keep you motivated this Monday

Long weekends remind us of how life could be if the weeks were shorter. There’s so much more time to catch up on life admin, spend time with friends, family and even enjoy some of the finer things in life.

Then Monday returns with a vengeance and the dream of long weekends is quickly shattered with the realisation that it’s a new week, with new challenges. Five days of the slog and only two rest days seems unreasonable right? But it’s the reality for most people whether you’re working or at school.

Was this the feeling when you woke up this morning? Looks like you might need motivation to get back on track this week.

Here are 7 powerful tweets to keep you inspired throughout the week:

1. Regretting some of your life decisions?


2. Worrying too much about so called “enemies”?


3. Freaking out about your finances?


4. Yearning for travel?


5. Wondering if you should go it alone?


6. Ready to give only 50 percent?


7. Dreaming of the end goal?

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