Contractor should pay for water wastage

The water pipe was damaged after a worker drilled into it.

EDITOR – We had some municipal contractors digging up South Ridge Road using a jackhammer on 9 June, and needless to say they drilled into the main water pipe.

Apart from thousands of litres of water wasted,they promptly left before 4pm and we were left without water along with the whole area.

I think it is a disgrace that these cowboy contractors actually get paid for tardy work which actually costs ratepayers money.

Why must we suffer the inconvenience of no water because some untrained person is employed to do shoddy work and waste a very precious commodity in the process with no recourse.

I trust the Corporation will compensate each person who suffered this inconvenience and most importantly charge the contractor for the loss of thousands of litres water.

John Biggs


Lauren Walford

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