Call for Berea metro police satellite station

Ward councillor Chris Pappas spotted Metro Police patrolling in a bus recently.

ALONG with recent calls for stronger metro police presence in and around the Berea, a call has also been made for the establishment of a satellite Metro Police station on the Berea, along with streetlight mounted CCTV cameras at intersections, license plate recognition cameras in key locations and 15 additional vehicles for the Metro Police Suburbs Division.

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Leading the call is Councillor Chris Pappas who recently witnessed Metro Police officers patrolling the area in a bus.

“When I stopped the officers to ask what they were doing they confirmed that they were patrolling and were utilising a bus because they did not have any other vehicles. This is a truly worrying sign in an area that has such high incidents of theft of motor vehicles and robberies,” said Pappas.

He said after posing questions to council in March, it was revealed that the Suburbs Division of Metro Police was highly under resourced to combat crime, provide visible policing and effectively enforce by laws. He said there more vehcilces and metro police were required t6o effective service delivery to be carried out.

“After speaking to residents, Metro Police officers and community leaders I have therefore requested, on behalf of the Sydenham, Overport, Musgrave and Asherville communities, that immediate action be taken to rectify this situation and better equip and resource our Metro Police Suburbs Division to fight crime,” he said.

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Included in community requests, which Pappas addressed with the deputy mayor Fawzia Peer, are the provision of an additional 100 metro officers to the suburbs division, the provision of new uniforms to all metro officers who require them, dedicated, daily and permanent motorcycle mounted officers in commercial areas such as Brickfield Road, Randles Road, Sparks Road, Overport Centre and Musgrave Centre, 24 hour security in Berea Park and the Randles Road Park and dedicated resources to the Parks Department to ensure this happens.

“We have requested the immediate removal of scholar transport vehicles from Clayton Road and Georgehill Road, the provision of at least 15 additional vehicles for the Metro Police Suburbs Division, street light mounted CCTV cameras at intersections, the provision of license plate recognition cameras in key locations as advised by SAPS and Metro Police and the establishment of a satellite Metro Police station on the Berea,” said Pappas.

He said a full awareness campaign has also been requested to run through the various Berea councillors’ offices, including the ward committees and relevant stakeholders.

“I hope these requests will be taken seriously and dedicated the necessary time to ensure the successful implementation. These are not unreasonable requests and we hope that the municipality can ensure swift action. We have seen ample resources dedicated to Westville and other areas but have seen our suburbs depleted of the little that we have,” said Pappas.



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