Review security routines in winter

FIDELITY ADT has urged South Africans to use the changing of the season as an opportunity to rethink their security routines and make the necessary changes.

The arrival of winter, explains Fidelity ADT’s district manager (KwaZulu-Natal) Ivan Govender, means that it gets darker earlier in the evenings. This may end up providing useful cover for any would-be criminals. “That is why you should always be vigilant when walking outdoors,” he said.

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Residents often keep animals indoors, out of the cold, during the evening and for that reason they don’t activate their home alarm systems.

“It is perfectly understandable that people want to keep their pets indoors where it is warmer. I would recommend asking your security company to ‘animal proof’ your alarm sensors, or that you partition the house in such a way that your alarm system can still offer an early warning system in case someone enters your property,” said Govender.

Winter brings an increased demand on the national power grid which in turn makes the possibility of blackouts a reality. Govender recommends making sure that back-up power supplies are in place to keep lighting, non-functional gate motors and security systems in working condition at all times.

He said residents should be aware of security tips such as leaving outside lights on if they know they’re going to get home after dark.

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“Partition alarms so that external beams can be set early in the evening, just after you get home.”

“Check the tensioning of electric fencing as it shrinks in colder weather and this can cause false alarms, and link smoke detectors to your alarm system. Fires during winter can be caused by heaters, electrical appliances and the cosy fireplace left burning when you go to bed,” said Govender.

He said residents should be extra vigilant when leaving and arriving home. If you notice anything suspicious alert your security company or the SAPS immediately.

Lauren Walford

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