WATCH: Morning Rave hosts school edition

Children from local schools enjoy The Morning Rave.

THE Morning Rave has created the School Edition to break the deadly cycle of inactivity and help the next generation fall in love with fitness.

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The first event was at Durban Primary School today, Friday, 21 April, where children from the school and six other local schools got to dance and have fun on a Friday morning.

Children from local schools enjoyed The Morning Rave.

Young people who are physically fit perform better academically, physical exercise has long been recognised as vital for the mental and physical health of young people, but there is increasing evidence to indicate that cardio activity also plays an important role when it comes to learning.

It’s this research that has underpinned the development of The Morning Rave School Edition; it has been created with a specific goal in mind, to get young people moving.

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The Morning Rave School Edition teamed up with Realign SA to identify and execute solutions and wellness initiatives that promote quality of life for all South Africans.

Clinton Green and Selwyn Rautenbach from Statik kept the kids dancing at the rave.

Aside from the mind-blowing Statik dancers, the event was spearheaded by Durban’s very own Liam Magner of Veranda Panda. Aligned with the journey into health, fun and wellness was the launch of a brand new bag to help with posture among kids at schools.

Liam Magner from Veranda Panda.




Liam Magner with Annita Mbutho, Camryn Wilbee, Cassidy De Beer, Carprice Thevadasan, Akeiba Phiri, Sydal Chetty and Shuntae Lorenzo from Penzance Primary School.

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