Jean and Marc cycle for Saint Giles

Jean Erasmus and Marc Davies will be taking on the aQuellé Tour Durban on 30 April.

TWO members of staff at Saint Giles will be tackling their first aQuellé Tour Durban cycle event on 30 April.

Marc Davies and Jean Erasmus have been training hard for the event, which will be their first ever cycle race, and feel confident they will finish in good time.

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“We have been riding between 25km and 30km each day, six days a week. I’m very excited, although a little nervous, about the race!” said Jean.

Jean’s decision to start cycling came after she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism last year.


Marc Davies and Jean Erasmus will be taking on the aQuellé Tour Durban on 30 April.


“I picked up a lot of weight and decided I needed to do some exercise to help lose it. The gyms were always full and so I spoke to Marc, who used to cycle some mornings, and asked if I could join him,” she said.

Jean bought herself a bike and started riding with Marc. She said in the beginning it was tough and they couldn’t do more than 4km before they were exhausted, but gradually they improved and increased the distance they rode. Jean also lost 22kg through cycling and dieting.

“We talked about riding in the Amashova cycle race last year until we saw how far it was! We decided we would be ready to do the aQuellé Tour Durban this year, and have been working hard to prepare. I’m keen to do it and feel very confident about it!” said Marc.

“We will be doing this race to raise awareness for Saint Giles, and are trying to find sponsors to either sponsor us per kilometer or as a lump sum,” said Jean.

If anyone is interested in sponsoring Marc and Jean, contact Brenda on [email protected] or Jean on [email protected]

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