Did you buy this painting?

The painting which is being sought.

EDITOR – An article appeared in the Highway Mail Friday 17 March 2017 regarding a missing painting which was sold in error at the Highway Hospice shop.

The article was sent by Robbie Slabbert who is offering a reward for the return. The oil painting on board with no frame is of a skeleton of a boat on the shore with sunlight forming a shadow on the shore. Sea is in the background with birds flying in a cloudy sky. Colours are pastel blue, green and yellows.

I would not bother to try and get it back but the painting was done by my husband’s late wife Gill, who died at Hospice 27 years ago, so it is sentimental to him and his daughters.

If anyone has bought this painting, they should contact me on 031 208 6110 or [email protected]

Heather Walker

Highway Hospice

Lauren Walford

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