Who qualifies for subsidised accommodation at Kenneth Gardens?

EDITOR – Your article April 7th refers.The issue has come a full circle: The accommodation, similar to other developments around the city came about to cater for persons of a low income requiring relatively easy access to the city and based on sub-economic rentals.

That qualification appears to have been abandoned in recent years, judging by the considerable number of occupants who now own motor cars.(and a general improvement in living standards-judging by the plethora of DSTV antennas) .

Those cars are the reason for the demolition of the boundary fencing, which has resulted in calls for the re-establishment of boundary fencing.

It is obvious that no means test is applied to applicants and it is rumoured that numerous occupants are Council employees.

Perhaps a reader can supply details of the method used to allocate subsidised accommodation to the nouveau riche?

John Hattingh


Wanda Daly

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