Secondhand dealers urged to renew registrations

IN an effort to curb the sale of stolen property, the South African Police Service aims to reduce the market by appealing to dealers of second-hand goods and pawnbrokers to renew their business registrations.

In the the most recent release of crime statistics, it was revealed that aggravated robberies was one of the most prevalent crimes. Also on the list of high concern crime was cable theft and the subsequent implication it has on electricity and telecommunication infrastructure which in turn impacts on service delivery at large.

SAPS is now calling on all individuals who run businesses dealing in second-hand goods in South Africa to apply to be registered under the provisions of the Second Hand Goods Act, 2009 (Act No 6 of 2009).

All second-hand goods dealers cautioned to be aware that the five-year registration period is due to expire and registration to continue dealing with second-hand goods must be renewed.

The Second-Hand Goods Act, 2009 came into effect on 30 April 2012 to regulate the business of dealers in second-hand goods and pawn brokering.


The following process is applicable to all existing, registered second-hand goods dealers who must renew his/her registration:

• An application for renewal of registration must be made in terms of section 11 of the Act no more than 180 days and no less than 90 days before the expiry date of the existing registration.

• An application for renewal of registration must be made at the designated second-hand goods officer at the police station in which area the business is currently registered.

• A renewal application must be made on an SAPS 601(e) form – Application for Renewal as a SHG Dealer/Recycler. The SAPS 601(e) form must be accompanied by all relevant supporting documents, of which a checklist is available on the SAPS’s website:

• A renewal application may only be granted if the dealer/recycler shows that he/she still complies with the requirements of registration in terms of the Act.

• If an SAPS 601(e) renewal application has been lodged within the prescribed period, the registration remains valid until the SAPS 601(e) renewal application is decided on and a new Certificate of Registration has been issued to the second-hand goods dealer.

• Should a registered second-hand goods dealer decide not to apply for renewal, his/her registration will terminate upon the expiry date of the current Registration Certificate and he/she will not be allowed to continue dealing in second-hand goods. Not applying for renewal within the registered timeframe will be regarded as an immediate termination of registration.

• An application for the renewal of registration is free of charge.

Dealers and the community can access the following website: for more information on the Act, as well as relevant application forms and other related material.

Contact Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo on 082 567 4153.



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