Plan needed to tackle water leaks

Councillor Chris Pappas shows the state of Juniper Road where endless work has been done on water leaks.

THE increasing number of reports of potholes and water leaks in the roads around Juniper Road in Overport has concerned ward 31 councillor, Chris Pappas.

Pappas said between residents, SAPS and himself, there are continuous reports of leaks in this area which leads to road reinstatements after work is complete.

“This must be costing the city tens of thousands of Rands. It is no longer okay to keep fixing the symptoms, we must address the causes,” he said.

Pappas said he has contacted various experts in respective fields in the eThekwini Municipality who he feels will be more equipped to give him a plan to tackle this issue once and for all.

“I believe that these are a few of the problems that may be contributing to the leaks and bursts such as small roads carrying trucks and traffic from the Atrium Shopping Centre, which I have asked Metro Police and eThekwini Transport Authority to address, old infrastructure (pipes) as well as very poor workmanship by the Water Department fixing leaks, which I have requested the Water Department address,” said Pappas.

He said the main roads of concern are Juniper Road, Riley Road, Coronation Road, Nelson Road and Monmouth Road, where Pappas said there have been endless issues.

“I hope that by raising the matter with the various departments we will save the city money in the long run,” said Pappas.

Lauren Walford

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