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Good arrest by Metro

THREE men were arrested for being in possession of suspected stolen property on 8 February.

At around 8.10am, Durban Metro K9 Unit Inspector V Maharaj and Inspector K Naicker responded to a complaint of a suspicious motor vehicle in Bellevue Road opposite Berea Primary School.

“When they arrived they noticed three men near the vehicle and called for back up. They searched the men and the vehicle, and when the vehicle was checked on the circulation system, the vin number did not correspond,” said Capt PN Naidoo, communications officer for Berea SAPS.

The men were arrested for being in possession of suspected stolen property. They were detained at Berea SAPS.

“Well done to our partners Metro for their good work. This area has experienced a number of carjackings and they could have prevented another,” said Naidoo.

Taxi conductor detained

A TAXI conductor and passenger were arrested for common robbery on 8 February.

At around 12.40pm, two students from DUT took a taxi to DUT Steve Biko Road and as they were about to get out, another passenger in the taxi blocked them and robbed them of their cellphones.

“They got out and informed the conductor who ignored them and asked the driver to drive off . The victims took down the registration number and informed the MI7 Security who in turn informed the police who respondeded quickly,” said Naidoo.

The taxi was spotted and stopped and the conductor was arrested for common robbery. After questioning the conductor the other man was told to return the cellphones. He was also arrested. The cellphones were recovered and handed back to the lawful owners.

Be vigilant to prevent theft

CAPTAIN Naidoo urged motorists to be aware of increased theft of and out of motor vehicles in the area.

“Make sure you park your motor vehicle in well lit areas so if someone tampers with the vehicle it can be easily seen.

Try to fit a tracking device in your vehicle to prevent your vehicle from being taken. If it is stolen the chances of recovering your vehicle quickly is great,” he said.

Naidoo said motorists must not leave valuables visible or in the boot of the vehicle as items such as laptops, cellphones, wallets, sunglasses, iPads, tools and clothing are commonly stolen.

“Always make sure your vehicle is locked, check this physically, and be aware of remote jamming,” said Naidoo.

Lauren Walford

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