Flash flood alert

SOUTH Africa is experiencing high rainfall this season and while the water is desperately needed there have also been negative aspects to the quantity of downpours experienced in a relatively short space of time. Nine people have been reported dead after fatal flood incidents occurred in different provinces.

Weather forecasts predict more heavy rain this month which also brings chances of flash floods that individuals need to be aware of.


iWYZE has issued out an advisory statement on keeping safe during floods.

• When encountering large amounts of water on the road, turn around rather than attempting to go through it. It may look shallow but it’s easy to underestimate the depth of the water and strength of the current. Don’t navigate through it, go back the way you came.

• If you’re caught in a thunderstorm think carefully about your route, try to avoid driving through low-lying areas that may pose a risk. Alternatively try finding a safe place to park and wait out the rain.

• Flash floods can sweep cars away without warning. If you find yourself in this situation where the water level surrounds or immobilizes your car, open your windows to allow water into the vehicle. If you do not do this, the water pressure will make it impossible to get out, trapping you in your car which is extremely dangerous.

• If you are surrounded by fast moving water and your car has stalled or is being taken by the current you need to get out as quickly as possible and head for higher ground.

• If you find yourself in a flash flood, keep a level head and remember what matters most is your life, corrosion and mould from water damage can be fixed and there are insurance policies that will cover your car for flash floods. First and foremost, be safe.

Rudy Nkgadima

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