Hard work pays off for Mishka

Mishka Ramlagana with some of her academic accolades

HARD work, commitment and a strong family support system are some of the ingredients you need to make it into the matric exams outstanding achievement list.

Having achieved a total of 7As and an aggregate of 90 per cent in all of her subjects, 18 year old Mishka Ramlagan from the Durban Girls’ College, credits her family’s support for her success.She is part of the 13 matriculants in the province who made it to the Independent Examinations Board’s honours roll of outstanding achievers this year, of which 10 were girls.

“My whole family was very supportive, especially my parents. My brothers and sisters also encouraged me to do well, as well as my cousins. Looking back on how busy the year was, I had to find a balance between school and life. I love to play tennis and I read a lot but when it came to my school work I knew I had to put in a lot of effort if I needed to succeed.” she said.

Although her parents say they are not surprised at all by Mishka’s achievement, they are still overjoyed by their daughter’s performance.

“We cannot say we did not expect her to do so well. She has always always been a top learner, since grade three. However, I have to commend her for the consistency she has shown from primary school until now,” her father Navin Ramlagan said.

Mishka has been accepted to all the Universities she applied to. She has since enrolled for a BComm in Accounting degree at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and says her father, who is a chartered accountant, influenced her.“It’s something I’ve been inspired to do my whole life,” she said.

”An avid traveller, Mishka has visited places like America, Europe and India. Her advice to this year’s matric class is that nothing beats hard work.

A total of 11022 full-time candidates wrote this year’s IEB matric exams in October and November. Of these, 2035 were from KZN. There were no reports of cheating. Candidates can apply for re-marks until January 10, 2017. Results from re-marking will be released on February 1, and the closing date to enroll for supplementary examinations is 6 February 2017.

Rudy Nkgadima

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