Africa is beautiful

There is always some fresh beauty out of Africa beyond the daily ugliness of violence, indifference and corruption.

Putting the health crisis in perspective

Doctors will need to search deep into their conscience to rationalise the real reason for leaving the beleaguered Public Health Industry.

Well done to McCord’s

The staff work under arduous conditions, but, at all times, remain the epitome of efficiency and professionalism.

Transport system is apalling

“Our transport system is appalling and these drivers forget that they are providing a service, they are not doing us a favour.”

Rates randage confusion for resident

There has been little indication when public meetings will be held where the Draft Budget can be discussed with local ratepayers and residents.

New City Manager is on the right track

Politicians in South Africa are politically immature where party political point scoring is given a higher priority than good governance.

Responsible road safety will save lives

The safety of learners who walk to and from school in our community is an issue that should be regarded with the concern of everyone.

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