Local news

Florida Road UIP has commended Benedictus Mncwango and Alex Gebhuza for the recent arrest of a thief.

Good arrest by UIP officers

The UIP security vehicle and Enforce Armed Reaction gave chase and were able to arrest one of the suspects.
Councillor Chris Pappas shows the area where he hopes a road can be created so ambulances and taxis can get into the informal settlement.

New ablutions for Lacey Road residents

Chris Pappas is pleased that the department of Water and Sanitation has come to the party and put new toilet facilities in for the residents of the informal settlement.
Durban deaf mime artist, Sibo Masondo in Point Blank PHOTO: Paulo Menezes

Don’t miss beachfront theatre festival

The Fresha Festival is a brand new free fun family al-fresco theatre festival to be staged for the first time on Durban’s North Beach.

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