70-year-old woman endures home invasion

“Three robbers, one of them armed with a firearm and wearing a reflector vest, similar to those worn by car guards walked into their lounge and held them up. “

SA Post Office warns against 419 scam

The SA Post Office does not require customers to make any deposit of funds into bank accounts before releasing parcels.

Parks to clear overgrown land

“It is a matter of our security as well as the fact that it is an eyesore. We have a lot of petty crime in our road, and criminals use the overgrown property as a getaway route.”

News from Berea SAPS

Captain Naidoo from Berea SAPS urges motorists to be vigilant and aware of an increase in theft out of and of vehicles.

Glenwood burglars nabbed

A brave resident cornered a criminal, and with the assistance of two women who were visiting her, drove him to Umbilo SAPS.

Robber threatens house sitter

He threatened to return and slit the man’s throat if the bank PIN code was incorrect.

Safety forum meets

Take time to get to know your neighbours and find out what is happening in the community at the next Bulwer Safety and Urban Regeneration Forum meeting.

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