What to do with Jacob Zuma?

EDITOR – Is this the beginning of the end for the President and the ANC? There has been lots of speculation, conspiracy theories, gossip and rumour about this particular matter and this dates back to when the President axed Finance Minister Nene, replaced him with Des Van Rooyen and under pressure replaced him with Pravin Gordhan, all in a week.

Sooner or later, South Africa is going to face the facts vis-à-vis the shenanigans of the president. Minimising the threat of his actions and applying half measures against it, as the ANC has done, will only ensure that corruption and state capture continue to metastasise. But one has to feel some empathy for Zuma, because no one who has sacrificed his entire adult life for the cause of democracy and freedom and specifically 10 good years of his life imprisoned on Robben Island for the cause of “freedom” would willingly jeopardise this. It appears that Zuma has a gun held to his head and has no choice but to do the biddings of his puppeteers and we can all guess who they are.

Two, potentially three actions are needed to halt an attack on the nation. This is an impeachment by the Parliament and Zuma asked to step down (cleanest, most effective and most ordinate), and if it fails, a groundswell movement like the Arab spring (challenging and plagued by counter forces and logistical issues plus the police are under Zuma control). Or, lastly, if Zuma appears too powerful, a revolt or coup (once again Zuma is in control of defence and police).

While we have been absorbed in and diverted our time and energy on discussing colonialism and tweets, a military master has been preparing for “war” in the name of radical economic transformation. Make no mistake, this is not kindergarten politics as displayed by Trump and co. This might be Africa, but the world is mistaken if they think that our politics is confined to tribal discussions around a campfire, especially since we have boisterous and barbaric fistfights in parliament.

In Africa there is ancient history and Zuma has just given new meaning to the phrase “political guerilla warfare.”



Letter shortened – Editor

Lauren Walford

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